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Our Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision: A world where all people appreciate and respect the true value and beauty of our natural world - and make their best efforts to conserve it.

Mission:  To inspire people to care about our planet and wildlife in Asia.

Goals: Our primary goal is to CONNECT (YOU) TO NATURE, to inspire you to explore our natural world in Asia, so you spend more time learning and appreciating the other creatures that live here.
Our other goal is to help people travel responsibly and make the right choices for sustainable wildlife tourism 

Who We Are is a not-for-profit whose pilot issue is funded by a few like minded people. In future we would like to enhance the site, design, and contributors further, and for this we will need to raise money from donations, advertising, events, sales of prints etc. You can be assured that any funding is put to good use, and any surplus funds will be used to contribute to wildlife NGOs.

All the images Exif (camera settings) data can be found on Flickr. Images are in page order.
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